New Mistral Albatross 320 full set

​​If you're a complete novice, or needing a board for the family, or perhaps a Windsurfing School owner, the Albatross 320 is the perfect board. Fast to set up, fun in light to moderate winds, up-haul friendly, this super stable platform will keep you smiling during the learning phases. A fully retracting daggerboard, allows you to sail on all points of sailing and benefits in having a super soft top decking that makes for low impact use and super secure grip under-foot. Nose and tail handles add just that bit extra ease of use when launching or controlling when on the beach and a super strong Tuttle box provides super strength in critical areas of the fin.

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Mistral Albatross 320 full set

  • Model: Mistral Albatross 320 + Puri Revival 5.5
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Deilvery time 1-6 days
  • 1,950.00€
  • ExitPAY Monthly payment start at. 56.07 EUR

  • Ex Tax: 1,625.00€
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