New -25% Frame Porucho Aluminium V4.0 - Ruff Cycles

Frame Porucho Aluminium V4.0 - Ruff Cycles 

Now completly built from 7020 Aluminium which is a special Aluminium for constructional works with a high tensile strength. So its half the weight but the same Ruff strength than all our steel frames.

PORUCHO - Toot-f***ing-Toot...imagine yourself as a young storm trooper swaggering that thing at walking pace down Hollywood Boulevard with a fine female spread legged on roller skates over the back wheel grabing firmly with both hands to your oiled up trapezius muscles or bent over trying to hold on to your doughy hips...the Porucho is the ultimate weapon for pulling chicks.

One of a kind oldstyle bicycle frame. Oldschool with a lot of potential for new ideas. A glance in its past, shows it’s origin – the boardtracker.

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Frame Porucho Aluminium V4.0 - Ruff Cycles

  • Model: Porucho Aluminium V4.0 - Ruff Cycles
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Deilvery time 1-6 days
  • 399.95€
  • 299.00€
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  • Ex Tax: 249.17€

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