The EXIT Crooky 350 is truly a lovely and super cool playhouse! A fantastic place for playing together with your brothers, sisters or friends. With its colour combination, asymmetrical windows and door, this playhouse really looks like a self-built log cabin! The raised playhouse has a real terrace that can be mounted on the left or right side in which the kids can continue playing in the shade or even if it rains! And with a chalkboard at the front of the EXIT Crooky and the fantastic slide, your cool tree house is complete!! The interior dimensions of the EXIT Crooky run from 110.5 by 110.5 cm on the ground to 138 by 110.5 cm at the widest point, making it a spacious house where several children can play at the same time. 


The playhouses are made from dried cedar wood. This is a unique wood type because by nature it is resistant to weathering and moisture, and therefore to wood rot. Therefore, cedar is not treated with unsafe chemicals, as is often the case with pine or fir, making it good for the environment and safe for children. The panels are always painted with water-based stain. The EXIT Crooky is also equipped with a bitumen roof to make it waterproof. 


The playhouses comply with the currently valid safety standards (EN-71), guaranteeing safe and enjoyable playing. Furthermore, the wood type is not treated with unsafe chemicals and it has an additional nice feature of not splintering.
Easy to assemble
The playhouse is made of pre-mounted panels in which the windows and doors are also pre-mounted: a real prefab-system. The panels are also pre-drilled, making it easy to build in no time. 

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  • Model: CROOKY 350
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