Aksent Playtower with swingarm (1 seat)

EXIT Aksent Play Tower with the single swing attachment offers great play value! 

On one side, the tower with a 1.20m high platform is accessible by stairs with two handles on top for extra good grip. On the other side, it has a lovely long slide! The EXIT Aksent Play Tower also has a sandbox where your kids can have a great time making sand cakes and sand castles. 

And with the addition of a swing that can be fastened on either side of the tower, you can have a grand time with your friends, brothers and sisters! The refreshing lime-green colour of the seat and the grey woodwork will also look lively in your parents’ garden!

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Aksent Playtower with swingarm (1 seat)

  • Model: MÄNGUVÄLJAK + liumägi koos kiigega
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Deilvery time 1-6 days
  • 699.00€
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  • Ex Tax: 582.50€