Hoopy Junior Portable Basket

With the EXIT Hoopy Junior Portable Basket, you finally have a real portable basketball system for the youngest of the children! The EXIT Hoopy combines ease-of-use, quality and a lovely design! 

* Height adjustable: The EXIT Hoopy Junior Portable Basket can be adjusted to 5 different heights. Using a carriage bolt and nut knob, you easily change the height of the hoop. That way, both the youngest children and the older ones can enjoy a game of basketball. The five heights of the basketball hoop are 165cm / 175cm / 190cm / 205cm / 220cm 

* Easy to move The EXIT Hoopy Junior Portable Basket is easy to move in two simple steps. First you tilt the Hoopy Junior Portable Basket slightly so it stands only on the small wheels of the frame. Then you can push it to any place you wish. 

* Material & Safety: Thanks to its high-quality steel frame, the backboard made of High Density Polyethene and the reinforced basketball hoop, the EXIT Hoopy Junior Basket guarantees years of fun! It is naturally vital that the very young children can play basketball safely. To ensure this safety, the lower part of the Hoopy is equipped with a closable, flexible and weather-resistant sleeve. In this sleeve you place the 2 sand bags that are supplied and which are used as counterweight (you fill them yourself with sand). This keeps the apparatus sturdy during a game. The total counterweight is around 50 kg (advice: 25 kg sand per sand bag). 

In contrast to other systems, which use a plastic foot filled with water, the EXIT Hoopy Junior Portable Basket does not suffer from leaks or damage after a frost period. This specific counterweight system ensures that the EXIT Hoopy Junior Portable Basket always remains standing safely! Removing the sand bags from the sleeve makes it easier to move the Hoopy. 

The black and green colour combination gives the EXIT Hoopy Junior Portable Basket a cool look. Furthermore, the lovely design and tranquil colour combination makes the Hoopy a wonderful addition to your garden or driveway.

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Hoopy Junior Portable Basket

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