-60% ARGON 18 Nitrogen

Argon 18 Nitrogen 
Size: L

Model: 2018
The Nitrogen is a purebred bike—if there is such a thing—with a proven track record on the UCI international circuit. As one of the swiftest aero bikes in its category, it is the ideal bike for riding at breakneck speeds or racking up the kilometers. Moreover, thanks to its aggressive geometry and cutting-edge aerodynamics, the Nitrogen has all the benefits of Optimal Balance, making it a fast, light and comfortable bike. No sacrifices. 

Nitrogen: suited for road and speed aficionados who are looking for the perfect combination of performance and versatility. 

An Extremely Versatile Aero Bike 

The Nitrogen flies through the air: 

• Frameset designed for stellar performance 

• Provides the benefits of an aero bike in an lightweight package 

• Press fit 3D system 

• Allows for the structural extension of the headtube and improves aerodynamics 

• Hidden aerodynamic brakes 

• Shrinks the frontal impact zone and promotes air flow 

• Reversible Aero SP5000 seatpost 

• Provides greater flexibility for rearward and forward positioning 

• Optimal Balance 

• Enhances the bike’s aerodynamics without weighing it down or sacrificing rigidity

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ARGON 18 Nitrogen

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